Foreign Contracts Of Service

Foreign contract attestation is a service provided by the Department of Labour. It refers to the authentication of a Foreign Job Contract by a Labour Officer before travel to the country of employment.
Kenyans seeking for employment in foreign countries are required to have their employment contracts authenticated (attestation) by a Labour officer before travel to take up the appointment.

The Labour officer will ensure:

  • that the consent of the employee to the contract has been obtained
  • that there is no fraud, coercion or undue influence, and any mistake of fact, or misrepresentation which might have induced the employee to enter into the contract;
  • that the contract is in the prescribed form
  • that the terms and conditions of employment contained in the contract comply with the provisions of the employment Act and have been understood by the employee
  • that the employee is medically fit for the performance of his duties under the contract
  • that the employee is not bound to serve under any other contract of service during the period provided in the foreign contract.

Other services provided on foreign employment include the following:

  • Pre-departure training
  • Rehabilitation of returnees
  • Foreign attestation